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Jan 04 2017

How Good Does My Video Have to Be?

“I just want the production value to be good enough so that it doesn’t detract from the message”. It’s something I hear a lot. The problem is, that’s not really one of the options. I take that phrase to mean the client doesn’t feel the need for stunning visuals and flashy effects to connect with their audience. Whether they’re right or wrong, that’s not the only reason, or even the main reason, to hire experienced video talent. If you’ve ever split tested something, you know how the slightest decision can have a...

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Dec 21 2016

10 Production Tips for Better Green Screen Keys

Chroma keying software has made huge strides in recent years, but that’s no excuse for sloppy production work. Here are a few tips to keep up with the software advancements: 1) Resolution and FramingLet’s start with the obvious. You’re going to want as much visual information as possible. This means shooting at as high a res as possible and providing 4:4:4 files without color compression to your post team. In terms of framing don’t be afraid to shoot portrait or otherwise ignore every composition instinct you have- just make sure everything...

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Dec 16 2016


"Content is the reason search began in the first place."-Lee Odden...

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Dec 14 2016

How to Ask for a Job Reference

It should be the easiest part of the job hunting process. It should only happen when both an employer and potential employee are serious about working together. But so many people screw up references. They bandy them about to any employer who will open an e-mail or they don’t have them ready when the need arises. Don’t wait any longer, get your references in place. Select ReferencesObviously, when selecting references, you want to choose people who have worked directly with you and who have a high opinion of you, but there are...

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Dec 07 2016

Peer Reviewed Staffing

When I was a young TV editor, I applied to a job for a huge national cable conglomerate. In the initial interview with HR, the HR manager asked me if I had experience with Avid Media Composer. The question caught me off guard. I had plenty of experience with Avid, but she had pronounced the name wrong. As much as I wanted to believe this HR manager knew who to hire (considering she had selected me for an interview), it struck me that someone who had a major hand in the hiring...

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Nov 30 2016

Budgeting for Film Festivals

So you’ve finished your film and you actually have some money left over. I know you’re just itching to transfer it to one dollar bills and swim around in it Scrooge Mcduck style, but you’re not done shelling out just yet. [caption id="attachment_20660" align="aligncenter" width="700"] We’re spending a lot on donuts. Who keeps buying donuts?[/caption] Regardless of what your goals are for your film, festivals are almost always the first step to get there for any completed independent film. Done right, it’s still the best outreach you can do for your film,...

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