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Feb 15 2017

Worst Resume Ever

7. Oh, the "Ironey"Typos and misspellings on resumes are critically poor form, but they happen with surprising frequency. Robin Goldstein, founder of JobSparker comes across a particular misspelling often: detail-oriented. 6. What Have You Done For Me Lately"Showcasing your experience is important, but putting things on your resume that date further back than five years becomes unnecessary and unimportant. You can explain all of your skills in your cover letter; stick to your most recent employment on your resume," says Jordan Wan, CFA Founder/CEO of CloserIQ. Jordan reports repeatedly finding old...

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Feb 10 2017


"Cinematography, a military art. Prepare a film like a battle."-Robert Bresson...

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Feb 08 2017

Top Ten TV Openings

They get overlooked far too often, but opening titles are an important element of a TV show’s connection with viewers. They set an expectation and mood for a show and since they appear in every episode, they form much of a show’s ‘branding’. So let’s talk about who is doing it up right. There are way too many great TV intros to list them all, so, since we’re discussing modern filmmaking techniques, preference was given to more contemporary shows (and even still there were many great intros that didn’t make the...

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Feb 03 2017

“A style…”

"A style is not a matter of camera angles or fancy footwork, it's an expression, an accurate expression of your particular opinion."-Karel Reisz...

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Jan 04 2017

How Good Does My Video Have to Be?

“I just want the production value to be good enough so that it doesn’t detract from the message”. It’s something I hear a lot. The problem is, that’s not really one of the options. I take that phrase to mean the client doesn’t feel the need for stunning visuals and flashy effects to connect with their audience. Whether they’re right or wrong, that’s not the only reason, or even the main reason, to hire experienced video talent. If you’ve ever split tested something, you know how the slightest decision can have a...

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Dec 21 2016

10 Production Tips for Better Green Screen Keys

Chroma keying software has made huge strides in recent years, but that’s no excuse for sloppy production work. Here are a few tips to keep up with the software advancements: 1) Resolution and FramingLet’s start with the obvious. You’re going to want as much visual information as possible. This means shooting at as high a res as possible and providing 4:4:4 files without color compression to your post team. In terms of framing don’t be afraid to shoot portrait or otherwise ignore every composition instinct you have- just make sure everything...

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Dec 16 2016


"Content is the reason search began in the first place."-Lee Odden...

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