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Mar 08 2017

What Do I Bill For?

It's a common question, maybe the most common, right after 'How Much Should I Charge?' While there is no firm consensus on exactly what video freelancers and production companies should bill for, there are generally accepted practices. Initial Consultation- No If you know a freelancer who charges for initial consultations, you probably know a freelancer who has no clients. It's a nearly universal practice to give a free consultation to clients, because it acts almost as an interview. Clients can size up freelancers to see if they would be a good fit, while freelancers...

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Mar 01 2017

5 Terms That Aren’t Video Production Expressions But Should Be

There are things, quite a number of things, that production people all know about but haven't necessarily given names. No reason to keep it that way. Blank Tie EventFor those times when you're shooting at a fancy event or in a well dressed corporate office. You want to dress fit the situation, but most of all you want to be invisible. Black slacks and a white dress shirt work great, regardless of gender. Dress like a waiter, you'll be fine.[caption id="attachment_20950" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Yes, it's a play on black tie event.[/caption]  Industry Messiah A recent...

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Feb 22 2017

What the Show 3% Can Teach Us About Recruiting

The show 3% is a Brazilian Netflix series about a dystopian future where as the population comes of age, they compete in a series of trials to live in an offshore paradise. While the show boasts an engaging storyline and impressive visuals from director Cesar Charlone, cinematographer of "City of God", the thing that struck me most is the similarity of the trials in 3%, called "the process", to everyday systems in a modern job search. While "the process" in 3% is much more intense and brutal than a real...

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Feb 15 2017

Worst Resume Ever

7. Oh, the "Ironey"Typos and misspellings on resumes are critically poor form, but they happen with surprising frequency. Robin Goldstein, founder of JobSparker comes across a particular misspelling often: detail-oriented. 6. What Have You Done For Me Lately"Showcasing your experience is important, but putting things on your resume that date further back than five years becomes unnecessary and unimportant. You can explain all of your skills in your cover letter; stick to your most recent employment on your resume," says Jordan Wan, CFA Founder/CEO of CloserIQ. Jordan reports repeatedly finding old...

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Feb 10 2017


"Cinematography, a military art. Prepare a film like a battle."-Robert Bresson...

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Feb 08 2017

Top Ten TV Openings

They get overlooked far too often, but opening titles are an important element of a TV show’s connection with viewers. They set an expectation and mood for a show and since they appear in every episode, they form much of a show’s ‘branding’. So let’s talk about who is doing it up right. There are way too many great TV intros to list them all, so, since we’re discussing modern filmmaking techniques, preference was given to more contemporary shows (and even still there were many great intros that didn’t make the...

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