Black Chip Collective | How Good Does My Video Have to Be?
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How Good Does My Video Have to Be?

Jan 04 2017

How Good Does My Video Have to Be?

“I just want the production value to be good enough so that it doesn’t detract from the message”. It’s something I hear a lot. The problem is, that’s not really one of the options.


I take that phrase to mean the client doesn’t feel the need for stunning visuals and flashy effects to connect with their audience. Whether they’re right or wrong, that’s not the only reason, or even the main reason, to hire experienced video talent.


If you’ve ever split tested something, you know how the slightest decision can have a major impact on customer behavior. In video, there are thousands of these decisions every minute.


Every decision a crew makes, from the composition of a shot to the lighting on a product to the pacing choices made in post production, supports the message. Seasoned video professionals don’t just make the video pretty and fun to watch, they have an enormous power to influence what the video is communicating.


So how good does your video have to be? It depends on who your competitors are and what the video is being used for. If you’re a local bakery making a content marketing series on cooking, obviously you’ll require less expertise than a national brand making a broadcast ad.


Since I can’t recommend a particular quality for every job across the board, I’ve created three categories. Crew pricing and skill generally clumps together around these three levels. You should select the one that fits the level of your competitors.



 Local- Local level talent is the most abundant. They often do projects like promotional video for small brands and likely work on lower profile jobs like event video.


National-  Their projects often include high quality content marketing for major brands and likely include some nationally broadcast ads and/or national TV.


International- Their projects often include major films, national network TV and high budget national ads.


Each step up in crew talent, and therefore cost, brings more advantages. I always encourage clients to think in terms of value rather than total cost. Unsurprisingly, the relationship between quality and cost isn’t perfectly linear so if you know what you’re looking for you can find exceptional value at every level.

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