Black Chip Collective | The High Cost of Low Quality Video
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The High Cost of Low Quality Video

Oct 12 2016

The High Cost of Low Quality Video

There are enough bad business videos online to fill every landfill of the internet. Largely you can put it down to inexperience. Looking for cost savings or due to ignorance in the field, businesses hire lower quality video staff. I’ve even seen marketers stressing the importance of video marketing by suggesting that if a small business doesn’t have the budget for it, they whip out their phones and start shooting.


I can see why a DIY video would appeal to a bootstrapping entrepreneur but before you get your phone out and start plugging away, you need to be cognizant of the cost involved. More than just polluting the internet, bad video can be worse than no video at all. It easily can end up costing more to release a bad video than paying upfront costs to produce a good one.



Lost Consumers
Anyone can tell you that your first impression to customers is immensely important. If it’s a bad one, you can end up not only not converting them, but losing them for good.


Opportunity Cost
With all the time, energy, and cost a business puts into making a low quality video, they miss out on using those resources on something beneficial, whether it be a better video or another opportunity.


Lower ROI
While no one is making major media buys for cell phone video, there is likely some cost associated with any video. A better video would create better results, such as better conversions, thereby improving ROI, particularly as what we might consider ‘media costs’ grow.


Seasoned video professionals don’t just make a video pretty and fun to watch, they have an enormous power to influence what the video is communicating.


So professional quality video could actually be shot on a phone. It just really depends on who is doing the shooting.

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